Data Centres

Equinix CL3 DH535

The Equinix Data Center expansion project involved adding 2.4MW of capacity to an existing Data Center, enhancing its capabilities to meet growing demands.

WEM’s scope of work encompassed various critical aspects of the electrical and communications infrastructure. WEM installed UPS systems, cable trays, low and medium voltage distribution, lighting control, standalone emergency systems, transfer switches, lightning protection, communication systems, security systems, fire alarm systems, generators, and heat trace solutions.

This expansion also presented unique complexities and challenges. The project required a 25kV medium voltage service, four 1.2 MW UPSs, two 3.5 MW generators, and N+1 redundancy. WEM solved these challenges through expert planning, coordination, and efficient collaboration with the project team, leveraging BIM to optimize the installation process.

Project Photos
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