Western Electrical Management Ltd. has the resources and experience to respond to any client’s needs no matter the size or type of project. Western Electrical’s major focus of operations is commercial electrical contracting including new building construction, tenant improvements, maintenance and service work.

This work consists of:

Electrical distribution systems are the heart of any electrical system in any size of building and it is extremely important that these systems are installed correctly and safely.

The team at Western Electrical specializes in all sizes and types of electrical distribution installations from large sub-stations to new construction installations as well as changing out aging distribution systems that no longer function effectively or safely.

In most cases, replacement of aging distribution systems requires hours of planning and coordination between many groups, from utility companies to the client. The team at Western can take these projects from start to finish, completing them on time while ensuring safety is the top priority.

Communication systems have become an increasingly important part of any business. Whether it’s a commercial office space, healthcare facility, institution, data center or any other area that relies on a network infrastructure, your business needs to have a network it can depend on.

Information technology is used not only to connect computers and phones but it is required to integrate systems for entire buildings into one converged network. Some critical building systems that rely heavily on a solid communication system would include security, public Wi-Fi, metering, lighting and building mechanical systems.

Western Electrical has grown with the industry and continuously maintains up-to-date training with several manufactures which builds on our substantial project and work experience. This coupled with a strong investment of tools and test equipment keeps Western Electrical at the forefront of evolving technology and solutions.

As communication systems have evolved, so has the structured cabling. Our team has managed both new construction and retrofit of new systems while maintaining old systems within existing buildings. Western Electrical has the ability to help design new systems as well as manage both new and old infrastructure.

Western Electrical specializes in all types of lighting and lighting control systems from new installation to replacement or repair of existing lighting. We have a fleet of bucket trucks that can take care of all your exterior and parking lot requirements.

The team at Western Electrical can work directly with the client or support one of our industry partners to help design and implement a new lighting system or redesign an existing system. We can assist with lighting layouts and cost savings payback analysis to show what type of fixtures might best suit the application.

When it comes to lighting control systems, it is more important now than ever that we all do our part to conserve energy. This can be done by ensuring your lighting is controlled to best suit the environment while reducing the amount of wasted energy. Intelligent lighting ensures greater cost savings during periods of non-peak operations. Western Electrical’s strong understanding of these control systems can ensures customers are getting the proper system for the desired application.

Western Electrical has worked on all types of fire alarm systems, big and small, from new installation to replacement of old systems and to annual inspections.

These systems can range from a few simple devices in a small office space to a complex 60-storey tower or data facility. The team at Western can work with customers from inception, and design all the way to the final verification and completion of the system.

As codes and regulations are always changing, it is extremely important that your fire alarm system is installed correctly. This includes meeting required standards and proper maintenance to ensure functionality for the safety of employees and customers. Western Electrical ensures it has trained fire alarm technicians who maintain certifications and regularly attend seminars. Western’s technicians are experts in the most current fire alarm code information.

Western Electrical also completes many types of security and CCTV projects.

Alongside our industry-leading security manufactures, Western Electrical can install and maintain all types and sizes of security or camera systems.

Emergency or backup generator system and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems are extremely important systems to ensure the proper function and capacity of buildings and organizations.

Proper testing in the required increments is vital to any backup system and Western has trained individuals who specialized in this type of work.

Western Electrical can handle all your generator and UPS requirements from installation to maintenance as well as replacement, if required.

Thermal Imaging can be one of the most effective tools used to detect potential issues with an electrical system.

Thermal imaging allows us to measure the temperature of objects in a non-contact method without turning off critical electrical systems. Our certified Thermography technicians can scan electrical equipment to look for potential trouble. These infrared images are compared to a regular photo image and a full report with detailed recommendations is then provided to the customer for review.

Thermal imaging is a vital step in a preventative maintenance program as well as a potential requirement to meet insurance needs for many companies.

Western Electrical helps our commercial customers with the implementation and installation of solar panel systems alongside industry’s top solar panel manufacturers.

Solar panel systems generate electricity for businesses while reducing gas emissions and help lower operating costs. These systems are an effective way to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment. With potential green energy incentives available, this allow customers to install systems at a reasonable price.

Regular preventative maintenance of your electrical systems can be one of the best ways to help reduce costly repairs and minimize long downtimes for businesses, resulting in lost revenues.

Along with routine thermal scans of electrical systems, preventive maintenance should be part of any building’s operating process.

The team at Western Electrical can work with customers to coordinate and plan maintenance shutdowns of electrical and life safety systems. A maintenance shutdown consists of opening all electrical equipment and inspecting, cleaning, tightening, torqueing and repairing damaged equipment if required, all within a preplanned and predetermined timeframe.

Western will work alongside industry partners to ensure a complete maintenance program is conducted on all of your equipment, from high and medium voltage equipment to the last panel or MCC unit.

Businesses and buildings today have a multitude of connected devices from handhelds, laptops, tablets, watches, and cars which are dependent on a strong reliable communication system. Buildings along with their owners need to be prepared for a technology surge which will put demands on their infrastructure and greatly impact tenants.

Western Electrical can help owners and building managers look after their infrastructure through our Riser Management Services. This includes full building riser audits, daily tracking of services installed within the building, review of contractor work plans to conform with building guidelines, and design recommendations to help maximize pathway along with preparing for future applications.

These services will help identify abandoned systems, cabling and pathways that should be removed. Once this is done it allows for new infrastructure to be designed and easily placed. Part of this design process should include how service providers will effectively deliver services to tenants throughout the building and installation guidelines. With solid management and design in place it will ensure building owners have an organized sustainable telecommunications system that meets the needs of today while preparing for the future.

Western Electrical is a fully equipped and certified electrical and communication contractor complete with a variety of specialized equipment, certified electricians and communication technicians. The following is a list of certifications and equipment that would benefit your next project.

Certifications held by the company and project team members:

  • Red Seal Certified Journeyman Electricians and Master Electricians
  • Project Managers with PEC Certification
  • Calgary Construction Association
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Accubid Trained Estimators
  • Canadian Fire Alarm Association
  • Fully Certified NCSO Safety Manager c/w Advanced Supervisory Training
  • Fully Certified Safety Auditor
  • COR Certification
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence
  • Supervisory and Advanced Supervisory Training Program
  • Prime Contractor Certification
  • BICSI RCDD Certification
  • Telecommunications system certified for Beldon, Commscope, Tyco, Panduit, Leviton and Corning

Specialized equipment:

  • Bucket Trucks
  • Flir T420 High Performance Infrared Camera
  • Greenlee Hydraulic pipe benders – ½" to 4"
  • Fluke cable analyzers, meters and testers
  • Fibre Optic and Telecommunication cable testers, cable analyzers, fusion splicers
  • An array of 20’ and 26’ Man and Scissor lifts
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