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Deerfoot City

Deerfoot City is 1.1 million square foot open-air style shopping complex spanning 80 acres with over a 150 shops, services, and restaurants. The shopping complex consists of a Food Lodge area as a central place offering many options to eat at, a Style District made up of many shops and services, a Restaurant Campus that offers everything from fine dining to casual eating and a Central Plaza which is a great area to socialize.

Starting in 2012 Shape Properties vision of transitioning the then 31-year-old indoor mall into what it is now began. At that time Western was invited to tender the first phase of the project and was the successful electrical contractor. From 2012 through 2015 as each additional phase was tendered and Western continued with the successful award of the projects, we began to see what a special and unique project this was. In the early part of 2016 in partnership with Ledcor Construction, Western was selected to be a part of the design and construction team that would undertake the major redevelopment of the existing portion of the mall. This involved opening once indoor sections of the mall to what is now open-air portions and continuous design and execution challenges that go along with a project of this scale.

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