Peter Lougheed Centre (PLC) EDMHL Redevelopment

The PLC EDMHL Redevelopment Project is a comprehensive healthcare initiative involving several critical areas. The project entailed the relocation of MDRD, the establishment of a 6th Floor Rapid Response Lab, Mental Health Short Stay facilities, Emergency Department Expansion Phase 1, Minor Surgeries, Women’s Health, Bronchoscopy units, E-Simulation areas, and a Psychiatric Hi Observation Unit.

WEM’s contributions encompassed electrical and communications work, which encompassed tasks such as Cable Tray installation, Low Voltage Distribution, Hospital Grade Lighting, Lighting Control, Communication Systems, Security Systems, Fire Alarm implementation, RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems), Nurse Call systems, and PA (Public Address) systems.

The project presented unique challenges, notably the need to adhere to rigorous Covid protocols within a hospital setting. Additionally, the installation of specialized lighting and lighting control systems required meticulous planning and execution. Moreover, strict shutdown procedures were followed to ensure minimal disruption during the process.

The project’s success can be attributed to effective collaboration with the project team, which facilitated seamless coordination and the installation of the specialized systems, culminating in the successful redevelopment of the healthcare facilities.

Project Photos
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