Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

The Rocky Ridge Recreational Facility is a 23,330 m2 complex located in Calgary’s northwest. It was completed in December 2017 and has since received over five engineering and design awards. A competition pool, a leisure pool, two ice rinks, a library, theatre and three full size gymnasiums are some its many recreational amenities.

WEM worked collaboratively with PCL to preplan the construction of the project. During construction, WEM was responsible for installing lighting, lighting control, distribution, feeders, fire alarms, emergency power, and cogeneration throughout the complex. The unique architectural design of the building required WEM’s to plan in advance to strategically overcome conduit routing limitations, especially in large open spaces. This was accomplished by installing the conduit on the rough for below ceiling spaces.

The telecommunications system installed by WEM utilized horizontal and vertical copper cabling along with fiber optical cabling. WEM supplied and installed the security systems which included an intrusion alarm system, duress alarm, access control, and CCTV systems. WEM was also responsible for the audio/visual conduit system thru out the building, conduit system for the audio system for the 217 seat theatre, and preparation for a co-generation system for the building.

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