COVID-19 Policy

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, as Canadians navigate the global pandemic of COVID-19, Western Electrical Management Ltd. wants its valued customers and business partners to know that it is still operating to serve your electrical and communications requirements.

The health and safety of all workers, employees and customers is a top priority.

Western Electrical continues to work with business partners to ensure new construction sites can still operate while adhering to all government health requirements and recommendations. For service calls, Western Electrical is working with employees and customers to take a proactive approach for everyone’s safety with the use of masks and appropriate social distancing.

Western Electrical is committed to following the health guidelines and recommendations from all levels of government. The health and safety of all workers, employees and customers is a top priority.

Some of the actions Western Electrical is taking to accomplish a safe work environment are:

  • Promote healthy social distancing on job sites and require workers to maintain a minimum distance of two meters from other workers.
  • Equip job sites with sanitation stations. Encourage workers to use hand sanitizer and wash hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Equip workers with face masks and remind staff to not touch face, eyes or mouth.
  • Clean all high touch items often such as phones, tools, computers, etc.
  • Limit in person interactions and use virtual meetings when possible.
  • Document and track the health of all workers. Record daily temperature and complete health questionnaire for all new workers and those transferred between job sites.
  • Provide regular updates to all workers to ensure new information regarding policies or procedures is delivered immediately.

As we all work through these challenging and evolving times, Western Electrical is committed to continuing its communication with clients and workers to ensure it can provide services in a safe and efficient way. Western Electrical has formulated a COVID-19 response team with representatives from each office, Calgary, Edmonton and Regina. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through our online form

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